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Derived units

The following table lists units that are derived from or are compatible with the base SI units. Click the name of the unit to get more information about it as well as a conversion calculator and available conversion tables.
Unit nameSymbolDerived fromSI equivalent
atmosphere cubic foot per secondatm cfswatt2869.2044809344
atomic mass unitukilogram1.6605402E-27
atomic unit of chargeaucoulomb1.602176462E-19
atomic unit of force-newton8.23872206E-08
atomic unit of massmekilogram9.10938215E-31
atomic unit of timeausecond2.418884254E-17
bag (coffee)-kilogram60
bag (Portland cement)-kilogram42.63768278
barnbsquare metre1E-27
barony-square metre16187420
barrel (Imperial)bl (Imp)cubic metre0.16365924
barrel (petroleum)blcubic metre0.158987294928
barrel (U.S. dry)bl (US)cubic metre0.115628198985075
barrel (U.S. fluid)fl bl (US)cubic metre0.119240471196
barrel (US beer)b (US)cubic metre0.117347765
barrel of oil equivalentbboejoule6120000000

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