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Derived units

The following table lists units that are derived from or are compatible with the base SI units. Click the name of the unit to get more information about it as well as a conversion calculator and available conversion tables.
Unit nameSymbolDerived fromSI equivalent
furlong per fortnight-meter per second0.0001663095
galGalmetre per second squared0.01
gallon (beer)beer galcubic metre0.004621152048
gallon (Imperial)gal (Imp)cubic metre0.00454609
gallon (U.S. dry)gal (US)cubic metre0.00440488377086
gallon (U.S. fluid)galcubic metre0.003785411784
gallon (U.S. fluid) per dayGPDcubic metre per second4.381263638E-08
gallon (U.S. fluid) per hourGPHcubic metre per second1.051503273E-06
gallon (U.S. fluid) per minuteGPMcubic metre per second6.30901964E-05
gallon atmosphere (imperial)imp gal atmjoule460.63256925
gallon atmosphere (US)US gal atmjoule383.5568490138
geographical mile-metre1853.7936
gill (Imperial)gi (Imp)/nogcubic metre0.0001420653125

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