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Derived units

The following table lists units that are derived from or are compatible with the base SI units. Click the name of the unit to get more information about it as well as a conversion calculator and available conversion tables.
Unit nameSymbolDerived fromSI equivalent
esu per secondesu/sampere3.335641E-10
fifth-cubic metre0.0007570823568
finger (cloth)-metre0.1143
firkin-cubic metre0.034068706056
fluid drachm (Imperial)fl drcubic metre3.5516328125E-06
fluid dram (U.S.)fl drcubic metre3.6966911953125E-06
fluid scruple (Imperial)fl scubic metre1.18387760416E-06
foot (Benoit)ft (Ben)metre0.304799735
foot (Clarke)ft (Cla)metre0.3047972654
foot (Indian)ft Indmetre0.304799514
foot (Sear)ft (Sear)metre0.30479947
foot (US Survey)ft (US)metre0.30480061
foot of mercury (conventional)ftHgpascal0.04063666

Transparent clock & weather for Android
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